Our Website Design Process


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Contact us today, to see a vast range of website designs and media options. We look forward to having an informal chat with you with no obligation.


We will meet with you, either in person on over zoom, in order to understand what your expectations are. It is far better for us to come to your business, where ever this is possible, so that we can gain a better understanding of your company/business. We will discuss your competitors and the long term goals that you have for your business.




At this stage we agree with you the pages and style for those pages, also the content and copy for each page. We will look at key words and phrases for the purpose of optimisation. We have a check list that we go through with you to simplify this process.


This is the stage where we look at the design of the website, graphics, logos, videos, colours etc. We will take you through some suggestions from the many sites we have designed and look at all the alternatives with you so that we are sure that you are getting a website the meets all your needs. We have a large range of photography, video, music and graphics for you to choose from, all of which will have their own licence to be used on your website.




We provide you with a preview of your finished website. At this stage we would anticipate that you will want to make tweaks and changes as the website evolves. Any amendments will be made and the website design will be resubmitted to you for approval. We are happy to make changes with you either in person or on a live video call.

SSL Certificate

It is essential that your website has an SSL certificate so that the search engines recognise it as a secure, this is the point at which we will issue this certificate. If you do not have this authentication, not only will the search engines dismiss you so will anyone that finds your website, as it will be flagged up to them as "not secure".




Submit your website to Google and install Google Analytics. This will give you the ability to be found on line and also for you to see where your website traffic is coming from in great detail.

Google My Business

It is wonderful to have a state of art website, but it is just a brochure in the cupboard, until you tell Google how to find it, at this point we will set up your GMB account and make sure that Google know exactly how to find you, which means that your potential clients will also be able to find you. If already have your GMB account we will require access in order to optimise this in perfect sync with your website.


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